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Strona: http://www.central-air-conditioner.com/
Profil: Supply Integrity and Insulation,smokeproof, verdal Metal Building doors with 5 years warranty
Metal Building doors Specification
1.Steel sheet access panel for wall or ceiling application
2.White powder-coated finish or coating in special colors, provides high durability and corrosion protection.  
3.With picture frame and removable door panel.
4.The four riveted, swiveling wall anchors guarantee a secure hold in walls and ceilings. Adjustable mounting holes and anchors fasten frame to studs, stone or brick.
5.Square bolt recessed cam latch, with nylon opening tool key(AP7010/AP7011), or with coin or straight screwdriver to open(AP7011)
6.The door leaf can be left or right opened. Concealed hinge mechanism door can be moved out.  
7.Simple installation in studs or ceiling. No further painting required.
8.Good value for all plumbing, electrical mechanical inspection or applications.
9.Standard sizes from 150 x 150 mm to 600 x 600 mm. Special size available upon request.
10.The door body structure
Track uses the high strength harden oxidation resistance industry  aluminum alloy guide rail, the surface after oxidized frosting processing;
The door uses the cold rolling steel plate structure, after rust prevention processing, the semblance after 250° high tepid stove powder spray coating processing, the color is sharp, guards against delimits wear-resisting;
The color may with the track basic consistent! The curtain base is loaded with the aerocyst cloth pouch, may with each kind of not smooth ground strict union, in the guide rail set at the hair brush, may play dustproof, insectproof and seal.
Factory Introduction
1.Modernization Factory And Equipment
We have set up two modernization production base in Foshan, total covers an area of 35,000 square meters with more than 20 production line for firarate door manufacturing. 30,000 sets monthly production capacity
2.Rich Manufacturing & Sale Experience
Over 10 year's experience on firerate door production and marketing, complete more than 1,800 building project successfully. We can provide best solution for you .  
3.Professional And Responsible Staff
Specialization of labor -- We have complete design, R&D, production, management, pre-sale and after-sales service system and technical support. Expert advice help you saving time and cost.
4.Research & Development Division
Excellence and High education background engineer team, 15% product profit for research funding every year. We always believe in only technology and innovation can make us be No.1, be market leader.
5.Strictly Quality Control Procedure
The fire rate door maybe the only hope that can saving people life in emergence.
And we absolute know that keep perfect quality is very important to us and our client.
Our goal is building a century brand!
Central Fireproof, one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of fire doors in China, now brings you high quality supply integrity and insulation , smokeproof, verdal metal building doors with 5 years warranty coming from our professional factory. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy our doors with excellent design and which is easy to be assembled and disassembled, or get our customized service.fireproof doors manufacturers factory

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