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Miejscowość: http://www.dorsteel.com/commercial-use/steel-structure-for-commercial-use/
Strona: http://www.framelessfold.com/stable-shape-glass-window/
Profil: ● Whether the luminaire has a light source: with a light source
● Voltage: ≤36V (inclusive)
● Irradiation area: 3m2-5m2
● Power: 5W and below
● Craft: Hand weaving
● Light source type: LED
● Light body material: grass vine / willow
● Warranty period: 1 year
● Protection level: IP42
● Style: Postmodern
● Smart control: Yes
● Color classification: Light brown pull flower warm white light / with base with ground plug / solar + USB charging Black square warm white light / with base with plug / solar + USB charging
● Brand: Begreen / Green
● Model: DS18015
● Shade material: rattan
1. PVC imitation rattan material, which can be easily combined with outdoor and indoor furniture.
2, Select 25 warm white LED lamp beads, 3500K color temperature
3, Easy to detachable solar lamp head, can be separately removed for charging, to solve various charging restrictions
4, IPX4 protection standard level, to prevent water from entering all directionsSolar Street Light

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