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Strona: http://www.airsoftmotor.com/mini-dc-motor/mini-dc-vibration-motor/
Profil: Model: CHR-RK520 micro dc vibration motor
Product Description
Brand:Chihai motor
Model:CHR-RK520 micro dc vibration motor
external diameter:蠁32.8mm*23mm
Shaft diameter:2mm
Shaft length:7.6mm
Rated Voltage:DC 1.5-6V
Eccentric hammer size:eccentric distance2.1mm,diameter 10.1mm
thickness 5.1mm
Weight:About 54.5g
Product Parameters
CHR-RK520-3762-鈭?0.1 Specification Product photo
VoltageDC 6.0 V
No-load speed 6400 rpm
No-load current0.1 A MAX
Rated load 鈭?0.1脳5.1 eccentric weight
Rated speed 5300 rpm
Rated current 0.5 A MAX
Rated power 0.8 W (max 1.95W)
Stall torque 鈮?150g.cm
Stall current 鈮?3.4 A
Motor weight About 54.5 grams
Product contour drawing
Packing & Delivery
Standard export carton packing.
3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.
If special customs clearance documents are required, please contact us in advance for confirmation.Mini DC Vibration Motor factory

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