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Imię i nazwisko: China RMR-12/24 Full Gas Insulated RMU factory http://www.china-rockwill.com/
Miejscowość: 72V Electric Bike Battery factory http://www.cxyaomi.com/electric-bike-battery/72v-electric-bike-battery/
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Here is a cosmetic retail acrylic display which is made in China. We are the manufacturer of this cosmetic retail acrylic display, you can wholesale or buy these products from us. You can use the cosmetic retail acrylic display to store all kinds of cosmetic products. The cosmetic retail acrylic display saves you a lot of space and is an assistant for your belongings. This acrylic display is also very light and beautiful, so you can put it in your room or the store. Acrylic’s material looks transparent and clean, it plays a practical role, but also plays the role of dress.
Q1: Do you have any minimum order requirement?
Our minimum quantity of colored acrylic sheets is 15.
Q2: Is the LCD screen on the display working normally?
Certainly, it will be. And we can customize LCD screen with various specifications and 1920*1200 resolutions.
Q3: Is the size of the display aperture suitable?
Of course, the tolerance of laser aperture is 0.05MM.
Q4: Can you do custom logo on acrylic display?
Yes, we can do custom logo by embossing, silk screening, laser engraving and so on.
Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.Cosmetic And Makeup Retail Display suppliers

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